Luna Project poster (v1)

The Luna Project: Seoul

A collaboration between the city of Seoul, Sticky Monster Lab, and the Snoopy (Peanuts) brand, The Luna Project brings a massive outdoor art exhibit to Seokchon Lake, just south of the Lotte World Tower.

*All photographs in this piece are taken by me, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to use with permission.

This lake is unique in that it operates in a similar fashion to the Bowery Mural in that it’s the subject of interchanging art exhibits, outdoors, courtesy of various artists and brands from around the world. Earlier this year, KAWS made a splash in the lake to promote his new Uniqlo collab, but when I tried to go for a pic, the exhibit had just ended.

There’s not really much to say here, except for the atmosphere around the entire Lotte Tower changes when these exhibits happen (for the better). There are more food trucks, more events, tons of giveaways, and lots of live music occurring at all operating hours. People know that these exhibits sometimes attract a global audience, and the local vendors and creatives alike make the best of the exposure. 

This is a view from the southern-most point on the “track” (walking path) that goes around the lake


A view of the Lotte Tower a bit further along; luckily for me, the trees made a perfect pocket



A quick snap of the project’s main ad


A sign explaining the purpose of the Luna Project; a celebration of 50 Years since the Charlie Brown and Snoopy visited the moon; the deck was (temporarily) completely closed off, perhaps due to worries of caving in via large crowds gathering on it


Nearing the exhibit on the main (northern-most) part of the lake, closest to the Lotte Tower


You can see a rooftop bar in the back left; that’s a famous picture spot, given its location and backdrop


Someone’s unlucky!


There’s a guy in the bottom right if you look close enough; a good impromptu example of the scale


Luna Project shop 250m north of the main lake area




Figure (decorative)






You’ll find these signs anywhere in large tourist-y areas; it’s part of a “cultural branding” program meant to appeal to travelers


This will follow; the district name


Food trucks cash in right behind the shop for travelers between the Lotte Tower’s shopping luxury shoppinjg area and the lakeside establishments (restaurants and housing)


These are just event tents; a different flavor every few days, it seems, during exhibit season (the giveaways happen in here)


This cool grotto type thing is hidden behind a small wall near the tents


Lotte Tower from the tents outside


Luna Project poster (v2)


As you depart and take the western-most side of the lakes path, youll see this


Lotte Tower from the same spot as the above pic, showing its massive size


The shops and events at these types of things are usually gimmicky unless you’re a tourist, as you can probably tell. A quick in-and-out is enough, usually. The street food you’ll find here is higher quality than elsewhere, though.

Luckily the weather was cloudy, but not rainy, so the pictures didn’t come out over-exposed.


The Luna Project: Seoul